Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello, Love!

Welcome to my second blog! As my readers know well, my first blog was all about beauty. Makeup was my main topic, but skin care, hair care/products, nail polishes and more were all covered in my Confessions From a Makeup Addict blog. Another important feature of my blog was showing all women they could look and feel great without spending a ridiculous amount of money. Well I am still super passionate about beauty, makeup most specifically, but as a mom and wife, living life overall on a budget is extremely important.

We are a family of 3 with one income as I am currently a student and mom and with a 14 month old baby ... and an apartment, there are plenty of expenses to go around. I lack the ability to find satisfaction in "cheap" items. Now cheap does not mean inexpensive. Cheap means CHEAP, crappy, not well made, low quality. No matter how tight my budget I just cannot find the ability to settle for "cheap" items. Not in my beauty routine and certainly not for my home.

I like pretty, quality, nice things and I don't feel badly for it. The important thing though is to make sure you get necessities and don't just buy something because you like it and to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Your family's bellies need to be full and a roof needs to be over your head and the necessities need to be taken care of, of course, but I will help my readers by sharing my "finds" and "steals" and show you how to update your home on a dime.

Welcome to High End Mama on a Dime and I hope I can help you transform your home into something you love and something you can afford. Lots of love and luck.

- T

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